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How To Get Rid of STD’s, UTI’s and BV Online Via Telemedicine

Prescription Medications for EMBARRASSING Conditions

For years, the medical profession has been searching for ways to get legitimate medication prescribed online without overstepping boundaries between patient, medical insurance and personal physicians. With everything that’s happened with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has opened up doors for companies like hellowisp to take advantage of shopping online for seriously needed medication, also known as telehealth.

Before we dive deep into what this company is all about, we want to start off with some very positive testimonials left by customers that have legit verified purchases online from wisp.

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How Hello Wisp Offers an Innovative, Discreet Approach to “Personal” Healthcare

How many excuses have you come up with to avoid making a call to book that doctor’s appointment for an embarrassing problem that’s not getting any better?

Let’s not forget the anxiety-filled march to the prescription counter full of fumbling, whispering and hoping someone you know didn’t pick the same day to pop into the pharmacy. Why does getting the intimate healthcare you need have to be so difficult? It actually doesn’t.

Listen, we all have medical issues we want to keep private. Have you ever just wished that you could get what you need anonymously without the need to explain what’s going on to a million people? It turns out you can.

Wisp is the embarrassment-busting, fully professional way to get discreet medical advice and prescription medication for your intimate health problem completely online. We got most of our information while reading an excellent review by Fit Healthy Momma. Yes, you really can get things taken care of without letting everyone know your business! You probably have some questions.

woman covering up vagina because of embarrassing smell
Embarrassing problems “down there”

Addressing Embarrassing Vaginal Care

First, I need to address the big question that everyone asks me when I tell them that I just treated an “embarrassing” problem with Wisp. Did you get help from an actual doctor? Yes, this platform connects you with a real, licensed doctor in the United States who is capable of assessing your health condition and writing prescriptions for medications.

The big difference between this platform and a traditional doctor visit is that you don’t have to wait for an appointment, show up in person or make a trip to the pharmacy. The second big question I get is if this platform is for both men and women. Yes, Wisp offers treatments for everyone!

How You Can Get “Personal” Doctor Consultations and Prescriptions From Home

We’ll cover some of the intimate health issues that can be taken care of by Wisp in just a second. First, we should talk about why getting virtual care for intimate issues isn’t really all that weird. Telehealth is becoming very common. In fact, many traditional practices are using it as a way to “consult” with patients in place of in-person visits for non-emergency issues.

That means that using a telehealth platform like Wisp isn’t that different from what you might get with your own primary care doctor. The big difference is that everyone has access to this platform. You don’t need to be accepted as a new patient or have any specific kind of insurance to get started. Here’s a look at the process of joining:

3 steps to get started using
There are three simple steps to get started using their service!
  1. Take a look around on the website to see which treatment is right for you. Next, just fill out a quick form online.
  2. Wait to be contacted by a licensed physician who will be reviewing your case and writing your prescription (if necessary).
  3. Your medication is shipped within 24 hours! It arrives in a discreet package that doesn’t announce that you’re having a private medical issue! Not going to be home to scoop up the package? No problem! Have it shipped in that same discreet, no-questions-asked-box to your local pharmacy for same-day pickup!

If any questions or new developments pop up once you’ve started your treatment process online, you have plenty of support. Just use the 24/7 chat feature to stay in touch.

One thing I really respect about the platform is that you can browse doctor bios right on the site. That means that you know a little bit about who you’re working with instead of sharing really personal medical details with an anonymous person. They even put a good amount of information about some common medical problems such as UTIs, yeast infections and cold sores on the website for quick reference.

What Health Issues Does Hello Wisp Treat?

We’re getting to the important part now. Wisp doesn’t treat every type of condition. This is not the place to go if you have a broken leg. The platform specifically exists to treat intimate health issues.

Personally, I think this makes it a much better choice than a general telehealth platform because they really know what people dealing with highly sensitive health issues need. I also love that the attitude that’s on display from the very first time you reach out until you’re receiving your last treatment in the mail is focused on being discreet and respectful.

You’re never going to feel “weird” about getting what you need because of the platform’s health-positive, respectful approach to helping people take care of intimate issues and stop outbreaks.

Help for Common Conditions

As I said, this platform treats a very specific list of adult health conditions. However, the meds that they do offer are always personalized for each client. I can’t say enough about how I appreciate the way they do a few things well instead of trying to do everything. It’s almost an online pharmacy where you can get treatment for almost anything. Here’s what they treat:

  • Herpes
  • UTIs
  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV)
  • Yeast infections (Wisp is arguably the best telehealth brand for yeast infection treatment)
  • Cold sores

The actual treatment regiments offered by Wisp are pretty robust. You’re never just getting a one-size-fits-all prescription that gets “plugged in” based on the form you fill out. The information you provide is just a starting point for creating a picture of what’s going on. Your actual course of treatment is going to be created by a licensed physician just for you.

What might a personalized sexual health meds plan look like without going to the doctor’s office?

I’ll give you a breakdown of the medications that can be prescribed by wisp that come discreetly packaged, and even picked up at your local pharmacy.

Prescription Options for Outbreaks:

  • Acyclovir cream
  • Lidocaine-amitriptyline cream
  • Acyclovir: 800 milligrams (episodic)
  • Valacyclovir: 1000 milligrams (episodic)
  • Acyclovir: 800 milligrams (suppressive)
  • Valacyclovir: 500 milligrams (suppressive)
  • Valacyclovir: 1000 milligrams (suppressive)

Prescription Options for Feminine Care

  • Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim: 800 milligrams to 160 milligrams (UTI)
  • Nitrofurantoin: 100 milligrams (UTI)
  • Metronidazole: 500 milligrams (BV)
  • Metronidazole gel (BV)
  • Fluconazole: 150 milligrams (yeast)

This is just an overview for suggested treatments offered on the Wisp website. The doctor assigned to you may suggest a combo of medications based on your treatment history or symptoms. It’s really going to take collaborating with the Wisp doctor on your case to determine the best treatment when all factors are taken into consideration.

How Much Does Wisp’s Telemedicine Services Cost?

Is it going to cost a fortune to get telehealth care for my intimate medical problem?

This is the most important part of my review if you’ve ever avoided opening up a bill from the doctor or dodged appointments out of fear of cost. First, I want to say that Wisp actually gives you your first month subscription free when you sign up. That’s one of our favorite things wisp offers. So, if you have a sexual health problem, such as urinary tract infection, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or a cold sore, you’ll be able to get affordable meds relatively fast.

When has a doctor ever offered you a free appointment to see if you like a practice? It’s unheard of in traditional medical settings. That’s why I really love this type of client-driven service over what I’ve always found to be a very restrictive setup when I visited my regular doctor for intimate problems. Amen for this telehealth platform!

Here’s a price breakdown review for the sexual health treatments offered, so you can get the medical care you need:

  • Valacyclovir (Valtrex) and Acyclovir (Sitavig, Zovirax): $15/Month (taken just during outbreaks)
  • Acyclovir: $15 per month(taken just during outbreaks)
  • Valacyclovir: $20 per month (taken just during outbreaks)
  • Acyclovir: $20 per month (taken every day)
  • Valacyclovir: $25 per month (taken every day)
  • Metronidazole (Flagyl, Nuvessa): $15 per month
  • Metronidazole (MetroGel): $60 per month
  • Fluconazole 150mg (Diflucan): $15 per month
  • Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim (Bactrim): $65
  • Nitrofurantoin (Macrobid): $65

You can check out the full price list here. I like the “no surprises” price model that this platform uses. You understand what you’re paying before you finalize your bill online. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the “mystery” of waiting until the pharmacist hands you your bag in person to find out how much you owe.

Is There a Coupon Code?

Yes, we have found the best discount code available for our readers. It is not ours, so we don’t receive any commissions, but you won’t be able to find more savings than this one. There are plenty of coupon codes out there for wisp. However, we found the best for you and you’ll get the lowest price.

If you’re looking for yeast infection treatment, you’ll now be able to get it for 35% less, thanks to the promo code.

What to Know Before You Get Started With Hello Wisp

While the website says you’ll be contacted by a physician within 24 hours, I’ve found that it’s usually much sooner than that. In fact, a doctor reaches out between one hour and six hours most of the time. Let’s wrap this up with a final rundown of what to expect if you try out Wisp.

I’m betting you’ll really appreciate the very supportive, judgement-free attitude that’s present in every aspect of working with this company. Shipping is always so fast. You’re also getting support around the clock if you have any concerns or new developments.

I also think the option for recurring shipments is great because we all understand how tough it can be to stay on top of these things. Lastly, the very discreet way that everything is shipped takes away any of the embarrassment of getting help for ultra-personal medical problem.

hello wisp telemedicine reviews
When there’s something wrong, in the neighborhood (down there) who you gonna call? HELLO WISP!

Reviews of Wisp: What Are Users Saying Online About Hello Wisp?

Overall Rating: 4.6/5 Stars (474 ratings)

Wisp reviews have an excellent rating on with over 474 reviewers sharing their positive experience. That’s something that made me feel good before I purchased prescription medication from to prevent outbreaks. Companies like Wisp make make ordering treatment meds online simple and efficient, while also providing consolation service for common health services one may need without going to the Dr. office.

There have been multiple people who have used wisp share their experience on reddit and facebook as well, providing their honest review in an effort to help other women online. Here’s what I found on not one, but two social media apps:

Three women had sexual health issues that were sort of similar. One woman had bacterial vaginosis, another had a urinary tract infection (UTI), and the third had herpes symptoms. All three never heard of wisp until they started researching telehealth brands (unfortunately, but thanks to COVID-19).

The good news is that it’s 2021 and you don’t have to call companies (even telemedicine companies) anymore – you can just do everything online! Use the button below to get the best price:

discreet meds online from

The Breakdown

Let me break down how Wisp services (meds) took care of one woman after the next.

Women with urinary tract infections (UTIs) that used Wisp’s meds share same day pickup meds that a Wisp doctor prescribed. These women absolutely loved the discreet packaging (who want’s anyone to know what your meds are anyways?). In addition they gave their reviews on how they are back to their sexual active lives, which is great for our health.

The women with BV and herpes share feelings of gratitude for the sexual health treatment Wisp provides. They literally thank them over and over again for creating a same day pickup and first month free treatment service.

Overall, after researching user reviews, most women have positive experiences with Wisp’s sexual health, UTI, Herpes, and BV treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered questions from thousands of people across the world that have to do with telehealth and hellowisp reviews. From BV to yeast infections, and STD’s to STI’s – we have everything covered right here.

Is Hello Wisp a trustworthy telemedicine platform?

Yes, this company and website is legitimate as they are HIPPA compliant to protect their patients via a secure encrypted server. They have built a strong reputation in the sexual telehealth sector. Their products work and you can legitimately buy prescription medication online that will help remedy your symptoms. It is a fact that provides people a discreet solution to embarrassing problems with certified doctors that can issue prescription meds.

Does This Company Really Provide Online Prescriptions?

Yes, really does provide online prescriptions, as long as you consult with one of their physicians.

Can I Buy Herpes Medication Online From Them?

Yes, they have specific medication for herpes and cold soars. Quick disclaimer – these medications may or may not work for you.

Will I Be Covered With My Health Insurance?

You can be covered by your health insurance, however, you should consult with your insurance company before you proceed to check out.

Does Wisp Offer Birth Control?

Yes, they offer generic birth control and it’s much cheaper than competitors such as hers, simple health, and a few others. Feel free to share this information around to help other women that may need this type of treatment.

birth control by hello wisp reviewed

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Wisp gets lots of points for being so convenient and private. I find that it’s the best fit for someone with a chronic issue that is somewhat predictable. This platform can save you a lot of time and get rid of the hassle of scheduling an in-person appointment when you already know what you need.

I’ll admit that it might not be the perfect choice if you’re having some symptoms that you’re having a hard time pinning down because you may need more in-depth diagnostic work than a telehealth platform like this can offer.