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Concierge Members Network




  • Compare our membership/concierge prices to Obamacare "Affordable Care Act" & choose wisely.



Our Concierge Membership Medicine Program allows patients to be compliant with the mandate by the government to have health insurance, WITHOUT the high monthly premiums and high deductibles of Obamacare "Affordable Care Act!" Patients may still want to have a separate "catastrophic coverage."

What is concierge medicine? Think of how many times a patient might pay each time they visit an urgent care clinic, doctor, or ER? This can really add up in cost. Instead of having to pay, usually at least $50-$60 EVERY visit, join Vital Care Network where you and your family can have most, if not all of your care bundled into one fee, including most lab work.

Concierge medicine, also commonly termed direct primary care, is care where members pay a fee for their and their family's care and can reach a provider 24 hours a day, as well as many times, getting an appointment the same or next day for NO extra fee.


Health cost-sharing as an alternative to insurance has been around for more than 20 years.   While they are not insurance, they function exactly like insurance and have monthly payment amounts and out-of-pocket amounts that are dramatically lower than insurance companies.   In addition, they are compliant with the Obamacare "Affordable Care Act" mandate to carry insurance because of their long track record of lowering costs, so you avoid paying a penalty for not having insurance.  Health cost-sharing plans are allowed to exclude pre-existing conditions, therefore they are not ideal for those with significant chronic medical problems. But they are so ideal for healthy individuals, families, and small business employees who just need catastrophic coverage without exorbitant premiums, while remaining compliant with the law, that it really no longer makes much sense for healthy people to carry traditional health insurance.


These programs are designed to support adults and families with an individual plan, a couples plan and a family plan for optimal budgeting. A flat rate for membership brings you the following benefits:

  • All clinical & telemedicine visits

  • Minor procedures

  • Routine lab tests

  • Vaccinations

  • Flat monthly membership fee

  • No hidden or rising costs

  • Preventative care

  • Same or next day appointments

  • Un-rushed appointments

  • Virtual healthcare while traveling


For our membership prices or to learn more,



for more information on how you and your family can have unlimited access to our providers at Vital Care Network

Concierge Membership Medicine gives individuals and families a sense of peace knowing they can depend on our Vital Care Network of providers at ANY time. It has many people choosing it over the high deductible health insurance. 

Dr. Jerisa Johnson Berry - "The present health insurance dilemma hurts many people whose income puts them in the middle of the crisis. Unfortunately, many don't earn enough income to really afford their Obamacare ['Affordable Care Act']payments that come with high deductibles, yet they earn "too much" to qualify for Medicaid. We see these struggling patients a lot and many are very happy we offer this program, Vital Care Network, that makes management of their health more manageable."