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Internal Medicine and Primary Care: We Are Your Dedicated Health Advocate

Our providers have been recognized nationally for their expertise in diagnosis, patient education

and advocacy, health promotion and disease prevention. Internal Medicine physicians, or

internists, are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis,

treatment, and care of adults across the spectrum chronic medical illnesses.

Our providers are trained in the diagnosis of complex conditions, and are involved in the ongoing care of these medical problems. In general, Internists handle a broad range and spectrum of illnesses that

affect adults.

The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends that after your first appointment, you

ask yourself the following questions:

• Do you feel at ease with this doctor?

• Did you have enough time to ask questions?

• Did he or she answer all your questions?

• Did he or she explain things in a way you understood?

Having a doctor who pays close attention to you is vital, as your doctor’s ability to provide care

depends upon his or her understanding of your health status. Look for someone who really listens

and we do that! Our patients love that our providers take the time to ensure you get your

questions answered, so we are positive your answer to the above questions will be a resounding


Advice for new patients

Before your first visit with a new physician, try to gather your medical records from your

previous doctor and bring them with you. To help your new doctor (or partner) in health get up

to speed quickly, consider bring with you a folder containing accurate and complete lists of:

Prior immunizations and dates

Results of health screenings from the past several years

Previous abnormal tests and surgeries you’ve had

Current medications and supplements you take, including dosages and frequency

Why should you have a primary care doctor?

The PCP often serves as a patient’s go-to medical resource. With a primary care physician, you

can voice any medical concern you have and expect to be treated with respect by an actual health expert. It’s the primary care physician’s job to provide the patient with the very best care

available, whether that care is in-house or through a referral to another specialist.

We can work together to help you to: